Dolfi is a hand size next-gen device that has an unbelievable power of cleaning your grubby underwear with ultrasonic technology. No, you can’t do it while actually wearing the underwear. It’s perfectly portable device that will save your time and money with basically no effort done. Fill your sink with water with a little detergent and your clothes. As you put in Dolfi and switch it on, its transducer propagates ultrasonic waves which create water micro-jets. It’s the jets which do the cleaning part. No fear of wearing off or broken collars. It is best for delicate clothes which always lose their virginity in washing machines. While on a travel, you must think now to reduce the quantity of clothes because Dolfi makes your single shirt look like new after wash, after wash…Say goodbye to washing machine. Go and tell your mom to win nutty chocolate cookies.

Available at for $89+