Not only should your pet get a life with this DenHaus TownHaus Dog Crate but also you and your family need comfort, space and clean home. Getting space means that you need not to worry about purchasing a nightstand bed-side table and a dog house separately. It’s 2-in-1 kinda home furniture. Finely crafted end table is a popular item in pet supplies for small animals. As a multi-purpose furniture for bedroom, It serves two purposes, a dog house (yes, cats are also allowed) and a well furnished side table for placing different things like lamp, books, devices and your coffee. DenHaus TownHaus Dog Crate is uniquely designed with removable grate, expert ventilation and multiple coats of exterior and interior finish and sealer protect wood. This Dog House is often bought together with super floppable Perfect-Fit Dog Bed pricing $90 separately.

Available at for $433