Cubify’s 3D Printer Cube 3
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Cubify’s 3D Printer: Cube 3

3D modeling, designing and printing is talk of the town. 3D Systems has declared the new design of their 3D printer, The Cube 3 3D Printer. It is the third printer in the Cube Line. The Cube 3 features faster printing, partially enclosed body structure, hi-def 75 microns layer resolution, remodeled and easily reloading materials and ink cartridges, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to print out the desired designs from iOS Cubify app and Android devices and Windows on-the-go and featuring up to 6 inches build-up volume. With all that, Cube 3 can print out the objects using two materials (ABS and PLA) and two different colors simultaneously. It is simple plug and play printer for everyone at homes, offices and schools, etc. with kids’ safety certification. The work is not done yet. The Cubify 2.0 is already on the way with more surprises to fulfill the lust of 3D printing.

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