This takes us to a far-fetched fantasy to live in a luxurious warm house tucked in the woods whitewashed with snow. Cabin at Norderhov, Norway, is another project by Atelier Oslo that seeks to pull adventurous living with coziness. The site is much exposed to wind as it’s located by the Lake Steinsfjorden. Yet, the exterior is composed of linear shingles of basalt stone, enough to resist severe weather effects. Furthermore, the shape of the cabin itself is designed to offer multiple outdoor spaces to provide shelter from the wind. Large front windows are closed with non-conductive crash-proof triplex glass. Inside, the walls are curved and clad with birch plywood. The floor is made of hexagonal timber which is darker than the color of plywood. A glass-shielded fireplace was the ultimate necessity to provide warmth and glow. The electricity is generated by the solar panels installed upon the chimney.