It’s sometimes troublesome to have the wallet loaded with cards like credit, debit, membership, gift or any other card that have magnetic stripes. So, simplify your life with Coin, an amazing thin e-card that digitally stores as many credit cards as you want, but at the same time it can hold up to 8 of your credit/debit cards in it and makes you get rid care taking. It works like an original card and you can swipe it in ATM or shopping just like the regular credit card. All you need is a card reader (included in package) to be attached to your smartphone, swipe through it and take photos of your cards so that you may remember which one’s which. The Coin mobile app syncs with the Coin (Card) and updates the information in just a sec. All you need to do is to press the button to switch between cards. To make things clearer this switching process is visible on a small display. The coin promises to stay up for two years. Interestingly, as you know it remains connected to your phone, coin starts beeping whenever you forget to take it with you. Available for Pre-orders.

Available at for $50