Earlier this week we share Escape Traveler Road Cabin which you can move around locations. But if you’re fond of living in woods permanently then you can get a huge inspiration from Jim Olson’s cabin located in Puget Sound, an area at northwestern coast of the U.S. state of Washington. While the mainstream architects were busy in urban landscaping, Jim Olson preferred to work with wood. Build in 1959, when he was 18, this cabin was nothing more than just a 14-square foot bunk but over the time of 55 years Jim transformed it into his personal retreat.

Every wood and layer added to this living space resides a hard work and patience of Jim. The structure uses steel columns, fir floors that extend from outside deck to inner rooms. The floor-to-ceiling windows give spectacular views of greenery and Puget Sound. When Jim was reshaping his cabin by the time the trees and surroundings also shaped themselves accordingly, thus providing worth living dwelling luxury.

Available at olsonkundig.com for hire