Privacy is everyone’s birth right. The Silent Circle Company has launched Blackphone 2, a new Smartphone that will defy everyone from snooping around your data.

The important part of the phone is its software, which is rigorously modified and encourages data encryption on almost every transaction to keep your “precious” from prying eyes. The encrypted communication services, you might want in your professional and proprietary business, are pre-installed in place! You can say the phone is pretty much ready to use.

It runs on the Android-based operating system made by Silent Circle to fight with the modern privacy concerns. The intrinsic features of PrivatOS 1.1 gives you all the administrator powers. For example, easy lock or wipe personal device when you feel uncomfortable and want to destroy the personal data for the sake of protection, Silent Circle Apps, Silent Text, Silent Contacts, Blackphone Firewall, Blackphone Activation Wizard, Blackphone Remote Wipe, Disconnect Secure Wireless and Kismet Smart Wi-Fi Manager are just a bundle of thank you from Silent Circle Co. Without effecting the productivity, these apps will allow you to make secure calls, texts, video chats, remote phone wipe and make file transfers seamlessly.

The hardware on the other hand also needed to be worthy enough to hold the important information and run encryption programs at all times. So, the Company used a 64-bit octa-core processor to pump the heart and 3GB of memory to aid the core. Under the hood, the features are fairly good compared to current market of smartphones. Features, including 5.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution) display, non-removable but quick-charging 3060mAh battery and microSD support for expandable storage are not supposed to be ignored when you want to stand out in the world of sheeple.

With this phone you will have the right to choose your carrier, apps and venders. The tools on the phone grant you the ownership and digital footprints to ensure the secrecy. It will work with any GSM carrier (AT&T + T-Mobile).

The Blackphone 2 will sell for $629 when it debuts in July this year. Checkout the Video of BlackPhone Introduction.

Available at for $629