The designer Daryl Villanueva from Bandit9 is considered one of the few who can create truly unique work. The latest work is called AVA and only 9 were produced. Quantity limits are explained in order to create a balance between creativity and business, help Villanueva had time to think about the next project in the current cars are being produced.
Believing that today’s vehicles are boring, Villanueva looked back in the time somewhere between 1950 and 1960 when cars and planes were inspired navigation of countless wonderful things in life. Bandit9 thus reviving the spirit and momentum from that era, with what is shown on the work, as AVA.

The chassis of the AVA is from Honda Supersport 125cc. Special shape of front fork is designed and looks almost like a deer leg, Then the rear suspension are taken from DualShock. For the first time Bandit9 made its own headlights for this project. The clock speed is independent of the section steel tiles.
The company said the every detail of the product is handmade, like the steering wheel, brake lights, front suspension, exhaust system, footrest until the button press. Honda 125 AVA Bandit9 costs around $10,950.

Available at for $10k+