If you’ve got some extra buck in your pocket and are willing to spend on home decor and furnishing, this Two In One Dining Table by Armadillo is exactly what you’re gonna want to buy for your living room. Regardless of space requirements, the table seems to be suitable for a normal sized living room that accommodates a large sofa, some chairs, a cat and ofcourse a (Flat TV). Inspite of looking at the price, Let’s just see what it’s to offer.

This rare creature can be easily converted into a small coffee table, having 42 CM of height while keeping the width to 120 CM only. It’s when you want to extend the wings, expand the top and slide the hidden trays ( 50 * 80 cm each side ) in seamless manner. Apart from excellent finish the table accompanies a gas lift mechanism that makes raising and lowering possible.
The Armadillo Table is made with striking Innox steel central column and revolutionary ‘mortar’ expanding top. Available in two finishes, high gloss white lacquer and revolutionary ‘mortar’ style finish.

Available at spaceman.com for $3,888