Now you don’t need to use extended keyboard either internal or external because Airtype is here to make any surface feasible for typing. Yeah you heard it right! The ingenious technology allows you to write just like the way you write on a normal keyboard. That’s why some people call it a Keyless Keyboard of Future. It’s a uniquely designed pair of plastic cuffs that fits into your hands as well as on your tablets and smartphones. Bringing a variety of features, Airtype enables a user to write more comfortably than a traditional keyboard, you may use fingers to tap out docs, emails and texts on any surface. Not just that, Airtype also eliminates the backspace through an app that adds dynamic text prediction feature and correction to QWERTY escapades. Currently, the tech is in prototype phase and is not available to the general public. Have a look at the awesome video.[VIA]

Available at for $TBA