The 3D art by professional fine artists might capture the recognition of many, so why not to be a 3D artist yourself with The World’s First 3D Printing Pen 3Doodler. Once as a kid waving your finger randomly drawing something in the air would do nothing but leave the thirst of your mind dried out. Stop imprisoning your figment of imagination, lift your pen off the sheet now, time’s to get high. Plug in to power socket, no software or nothing, the pen will discharge its “ink” the heated ABS plastic (commonly used in 3D printers) which instantly cools then, letting you to draw a variety of aspiring sketches, building models or scribble different names in the air in a compact, easy and brand new way. The product comes with 50 plastic strands of multiple colors each capable of 11 ft of 3Doodling artwork. As for future’s perspective, the idea contains loads of enhancements and add-ons. This could be the best gift for Christmas decorations and of course a lot of fun.

Available at for $99