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Where Children Sleep [Part 2]

In last post we showed you “Where Children Sleep” photography project by James Mollison. In this post we’ve brought more pictures from this project showing the diverse lifestyle of children from various regions. Watch Where Children Sleep [Part 1]

 Justin, age 8, New Jersey Alice, age 8, Harlan County, USA Delaney, 9, New Jersey Riyuta, 10 years old, Tokyo Irkena, 14 years, Kenya. Debate, 14 years, Kathmandu, Nepal Erien, 14, Rio de Janeiro. Rice, 15, Kyoto Bilal, aged 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, West Bank The name is not specified, 9, Ivory Coast Alex, age 9, Rio de Janeiro Bikram, 9, Melamchi, Nepal  Juan David, 10, Medellin, Colombia Lewis, 10, of Barnsley, England

Lee, 10, Beijing Ryan, age 13, North Carolina Rianon, 14, Darvel, Scotland Kahn, 16, Tokyo

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