With all kind respect to the Google Glass’s covert features that include taking pictures from a specific angle, we raise some objections. What you think wearing those alien glasses when you want to capture the secret activities of your spouse sitting near you. Thanks to this Spy Cam Peek-I lets you take pictures discreetly. Crowdfunded on Indiegogo, Spy Cam Peek-I is a cool spy gadget that attaches to the camera of your Smartphone like a magnet and enables you to cover the area at a 90 degree angle. This removable outer lens is made of premium quality acrylic mirror that has a funky sticker on its back to fool your friends. Just attach it magnetically to the camera, take a snap of someone red-handed, and remove it as it was never there before. It spins 360 degree so that you can shoot in every possible dimension. Spy Cam Peek-I is a stylish outer mirror lens with a lot of spy fun and utilizes no hardware or app.

Available at indiegogo.com for $15