Carrying credit cards or money and iPhone in separate pockets, out in the open need extra vigilance but not with PUSH iPhone Wallet. PUSH Smartphone case/wallet has a secret hidden cavity that pops open at the push of a button. This case is a sheltered, trendy and prudent solution of the problem with auto-locking, audible click shutting and keeps your cards from falling and out of exposure with front facing drawer. These cases are compatible almost with all IPhone sets. Push the button on the back in the time of need and then slide it back inward. Auto-locking mechanism gets in the game by letting you know possessions are safely locked inside. Three cards or 2 cards with cash can be stored in it. Artist Series of PUSH Wallets are also available in limited edition and will not be reproduced. The iPhone Wallets will be in the market in 2014.
Watch the video and grab the whole idea!

Available at for $75