PIBAL - Urban Bike-Scooter

PIBAL – Urban Bike-Scooter

Philippe Starck with Peugeot and with the support of the inhabitants of Bordeaux PIBAL designs has created innovative urban bike-scooter. PIBAL was presented in Bordeaux , one of the capitals of the bicycle. The innovative urban bike-scooter is designed by Philippe Starck and manufactured by Peugeot Cycles. Peugeot has always been committed to innovation of urban mobility. PIBAL is a combination of classic bicycle and scooter, expanding the scope of usage in urban areas. PIBAL will initially renew the bike park of the Bordeaux city, whose inhabitants have actively contributed with their ideas, to think ergonomics, philosophy and the safety of cyclists, allowing Peugeot Cycles to mass-produce the vision of Starck.

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