The evolution of urban bicycle has reached a point where previously unpractical ideas are fully functional now. This Sada Bike is extremely portable and foldable in way that you can shrink it to the size of an umbrella. The revolutionary part is that this is a spoke-less bicycle. This feature makes it a lightweight and packable yet quality urban ride. The point to be appreciated is that it’s not that too small sized bicycle for the sake of so-called portability conscious deal. Unfold it and restore its shape and you have a normal adult sized bike.

And the hubless wheel (also, centre-less wheel) thing and working process, they have featured a system of anchoring wheels that are further composed of small wheels held by as tiny frame. A specific quick clamping device allows instant folding to shape it like a cool backpack. The Sada bike has still been presented as a concept. The creators are seeking for the substantial investment to make it running on the streets.

Available at for $TBA