Mount Rushmore is one of the most amazing historical landmarks and a work of art in the world. The British architect Asif Khan partnered with the Russian telecom MegaFon and created a Digital Mount Rushmore Pavilion of the modern age. The 2000 sq/m pavilion at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The façade of 10,000 actuators created an 8 meters in height 3D imaging of the visitors and transform the building-side into faces when the people go for scanning through the special 3D photo booths. It works like a huge pin screen and portray 3 images at a time for 20 seconds. Each actuator has an RGB LED light at the tip and can expand up to 2 meters to make a perfect facial image. Approximately 140,000 faces were rendered during the games and each visitor had a link to watch a 20 second video of its own face popping out from the pavilion. The Olympians had the experience of their life time. [VIA]