With Christmas just around the corner and plenty of companies launching various new toys on store shelves, there is one product this year standing tall above the rest.
For just $19 (or $99 for the full set of five), Christmas shoppers can now be amongst the first to buy a WooBot and experience the hand-crafted quality of this unique toy. Designed by Canadian wooden toy developers Bamloff, there are five Woobots to collect – and each has their own individual design and abilities.

These impressive new toys are set to shake up the market this Christmas, as not only will they appeal to children as a fun playtime toy, but they also help to develop creativity in people of all ages. Added to that is their potential as a collector’s item, with more robots planned for future development. “Our mission is to transform anything you can think of with a simple piece of wood using human wisdom, giving back fun and exciting times to everyone,” said creator James.

WooBots are currently featured on KickStarter, which Bamloff is using to source the funds to further production. Here, anyone can choose to support the project via donations, in return for their very own WooBot. These wooden toys can be shipped anywhere worldwide and delivered straight to the door in time for Christmas, making it an original, affordable and meaningful gift this festive season.

Available at kickstarter.com for $19

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