This special edition Lauf Trail Racer suspension forks weighs only 990 grams but incredibly increases the performance with 60mm of travel. Special feature of zero maintenance means it has no moving parts and eliminates the chances of friction completely. Forget the lubricants! It has been tested in the lab by undergoing 170 thousand shocks and bumps but no hint of wear and tear seen. This Herculean strength is due to the monocoque carbon fiber structure of the Shocks and integrated extremely flexible leaf springs with no friction. The whole system is energy effective, agile and awesomely impact resistant to make you feel at your neighborhood no matter you’re on serious trails. They are compatible with all 29er wheels having a thru axle of 15mm. Depending upon the weight of the riders, the Lauf Trail Racer are available in two version of Regular (above 65kg) and Light (below 70kg). Available for Pre-Orders.

Available at for $956