Rumors are true and soon to become a reality. The concept of iPhone Air by SET Solutions designed by Federico Ciccarese has been unveiled. The new iPhone is the thinnest and the lightest like a feather, in the Smartphone generation. The size of new iPhone will be 1.5mm thick at the top with 3mm thick at the bottom and weighing just 70 grams in total. It has edge to edge, all in all about 5 inches Retina glass display screen with touch ID fingerprint scanner, a new camera module, lightening port connector, pedestal mounted speakers and 3.5mm aural jack along with iOS 7 with 64 bit architect. The new phone does not have a bodily home button instead it is substitute with Apple logo and has included some swipe motion. If you want to use Siri then do the double tap the Apple logo and if you want to lessen or boost the volume then swiping left and right will do the job. This is going to be one superbly remarkable Apple experience! [VIA]