The coolest thing in the successor of iPhone 6 is by far 3D Touch Display. It is designed to sense the pressure of touch a user applies to the touch interface and activate or focus on different triggers e.g., Animate a photo (Live Photos), Previewing a hyperlink in emails/SMS apps (Peek & Pop), interact with apps from home screen with subtle taps and a lot more. iPhone 6S has a 4.7″ Retina HD Display and iPhone 6S Plus has a 5.5″ Retina HD Display. They both get a A9 Chip, Touch ID with Advanced Security, Faster LTE, Faster Wi-Fi and a solid hardware underneath the shiny form factor.

3D Touch would essentially allow a lot of new interactions both on home screen and inside apps (both native and third party). For instance, if you want to get the directions to your home, you may simply Tap and Press Map from Home Screen and drag your finger to “Directions Home”. This would essentially eliminate the need to open the app and select most of the basic functions we normally use (Quick Action). Moreover, when you read Emails/SMS etc you may simply tap and put pressure on hyper-links to have a Peek into the URLs. This action will open in app safari pop up window (Peek & Pop). In case you want to stick to the opened link page just put more pressure and you’re on it.

In addition to the regular stills of 12 Megapixels, now you can also shoot 4k videos and zoom in without any pixelation issues because you’ll have enough resolution to do so.

The front cam gets an upgrade to take Selfies with 5 MP resolution. Most importantly, this upgrade is combined with a new “Retina Flash” feature that promises to take great selfies in low light situations. BTW, folks around the world show have already started discussion on this feature. Some of them say it’s a nice and some of them claim it’s already been around since LG announced G3. Well, who cares it’s an Apple thing now, Homie!


Being the same at the exterior level from its predecessor, the interior of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus gets 70 percent faster at CPU tasks and 90 faster at GPU tasks as they say. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus may open more productive ways for you to perform your most frequent tasks. Will be available around the World on September 25.

Available at for $649