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Exploding Cars – A Creative Kinetic Art

After capturing the remarkable phenomena imperceptible for a human eye Fabian Oefner, a Swiss artist, has come up for new series of his trademark called Exploding Cars. The both ventures “Disintegrating series” (models; Jaguar E-type, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, and a Ferrari 330 P4) and “Hatch series” (models; others plus Ferrari 250 GTO) are scrupulously handcrafted photos of dismantled classic sports cars in space. Fabian has crafted these images of exploding classic cars, in the first series, capturing piece by piece in a particular manner to create an illusion of cars blowing up. In Hatch series he portrayed the birth of a car instigated by the emerging chick from shell by using latex mould and gypsum layers to create well-crafted piece of art. The art work of extraordinary Fabian will be displayed at the M.A.D Gallery in Geneva till May next year. There is a unique pleasure in freezing and capturing a moment in time.

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