When Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead can filch a Chopper bike to run meaningless errands, it makes hell easy for you to get Chop-E the legal way. Yes, it is an electric two-wheeler, unlike Daryl’s snoring diesel drunkard. The design of Chop-E is unique and awesome. It’s a 2 meters (6.6 ft) long roadster and as lightweight as 65kg. Abrupt attention goes to the rear wheel having 18″ alloy rim wrapped over by 240/40/18 motorcycle tire while the front wheel has 20″ diameter wrapped by 3″ wide tire. The rear wheel houses a programmable 1KW motor powered by a 20Ah/48volts battery which makes more than 35 miles per charge. It can achieve maximum speed of 21 Mph. The guys behind the creation of Chop-E also offer an amazing opportunity of enjoying the ride up to 625 kilometers (or 329 miles) just for 1€, that’s actually free. Watch the Video to see it on the move.

Available at kickstarter.com for $4,499