ADRIÀ GARCÍA at the DIY Makers has made possible for Wall-E Robot to talk to Eva with some help of voice command altogether software Arduino Uno Rev 3. He bought it from an online store, replaced almost everything and turned it into a full of life talking robot. He added moveable arms and a jerky head with 5V micro servomotors. Rotation servo motor provides gripping for moving wheels.


He also added illuminating blue LED eyes, infrared sensors ranging 10cm to 80cm, at the bottom and neck to avoid obstructions and tank-like Muttracks. The Wall-E can store up to 32 voice commands in it. He did a solid classy paint job with the robot. For power Wall-E has a 7.4 V, 850mAh LiPo battery. Just let go the Wall-E to talk to Eva until the battery runs out. [VIA]