A perfect display of meticulous crafting skills in the making of a 1:60-Scale Boeing 777, completely built from paper manilla folders by Luca Iaconi-Stewart from San Francisco. The inspiration came from his high school architecture class. He started constructing this masterpiece in his junior high school days back in 2008. He completed the model of Air India 777-300ER in five years after so many failed attempts of converting the manilla folders into a work of genius. He created the digital drawings of detailed schematics of a plane in Adobe Illustrator before printing them directly onto the paper manilla folders (from the cabin furnishings to the landing gear to the overhead bins to the first-class and cockpit seating) by using his X-Acto knife. The plane measures in at 48-inches by 12-inches. The wunderkind of the paper plane hopes to make an even larger 20-foot model after this project. The plane would look magical in an aeronautical museum or in a certain aircraft manufacturer’s lobby. [VIA]