Over the years we have bunch of awesome and special iPhone cases. We have put together a list of ten unique and amazing cases which have secret compartments featured in a way or the other to stash your cash, cards, keys etc.

1- Eyn – iPhone 5 Case

The Eyn Case ($30)not only provides a storage space but also has a built-in small mirror for quick delicate powdering or check some spinach leftovers in your teeth to avoid the subtle embarrassment. It also has a secure grip with rubber coating.10 Covert iPhone 5 Cases With Secret Compartments


2- Incipio – Stowaway Case

You can store your card or cash in the Stowaway ($35)and use a back flip, built-in Kickstand to keep you steady for FaceTime chatting. It is shock resistant case made with Rigid Plextonium NGP soft shell core for durability.10 Covert iPhone 5 Cases With Secret Compartments




3- CaptCase iPhone Case

This sleek and elegant CaptCase iPhone Case ($45) is a book-style case with a vintage look. It is made with premium leather with soft microfiber interior and a magnetic flap to cover your essentials. It has a back pocket space for cards or cash storage.10 Covert iPhone 5 Cases With Secret Compartments


4- BulletTrain – SAFE Wallet Case

The SAFE Wallet Case ($60) is 16 mm wide sturdy case which can store your cash, up to 5 cards and even your 2 standard house keys and coins, all in a compact space. It is a perfect substitute for your wallet.10 Covert iPhone 5 Cases With Secret Compartments


5- Speck – SmartFlex Case

In this flexible and protective Speck iPhone case ($35) you can store up to 3 cards and some bills of any denomination in the side-loading space. The rubber raised bezel keeps your phone secure from scratches and shocks.10 Covert iPhone 5 Cases With Secret Compartments


6- Case-Mate – Barely There ID Case

This simple but elegant Barely There ID Case ($25) from Case-Mate is an ultra slim case having Lay-flat bezel for screen protection with soft touch finish. The shock resistant shell protects the back and front sides of your phone.10 Covert iPhone 5 Cases With Secret Compartments


7- Hex Stealth

This is a custom modeled Stealth Case from Hex ($35) made with durable material. You can store your cash and card in the back secret storage space. It is an RFID-enabled wave case for easy transactions at any location without any interference with » Watch Full