Wazuma V8F MATT Edition (4)
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Wazuma V8F MATT Edition

Lazareth presents Wazuma V8F MATT Edition, a 3-Wheel geometry awesome Ferrari powered bike. Engineered by French machine-wizards, it is the best of Italian-cum-German timeless creations. Two largely spaced wheels in the front and two attached rear wheels, whether call it a quad or a car, this flagship is powered by 3.0L V8 Ferrari engine coalesced by BMW M3 sequential gear box, set to produce 250 bhp (186 kW). The ride is actually superb as 18” Momo wheels shod with monster 285-30ZR18 tires in the front and 315-30ZR18 in the rear. Horizontal shock absorbers are stocked in measured by EMC and, what matters, four 324mm brake discs make it massive built machine. Larazeth has primarily developed it for trade shows and advertisements.

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