Design is not about the looks, but about the value and PowerCube is just aiming at that. With 2 USB ports of 2 x 5 V output,4 additional outlets and dual USB port PowerCube is a power outlet that adapts to your needs, instead of the other way around.One does not want a power outlet. One wants to have the freedom to work wherever it is the most convenient.The PowerCube is modular: you can create the setup you prefer by adding more PowerCubes to the PowerCube mounted on your desktop.Tested up to 15 A,the industry standard and containing a resettable fuse ,its all contacts are grounded and child proof.You can mount it anywhere with a mounting dock-upside-down underneath your desk, or on a wall.It is easy to remove again due to the remove-able tape.Plugs cannot obstruct each other, as each plug connects to a different side of the PowerCube. USB Charging does not interfere with use of outlets.

Available at for $25