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Philips Hue – iPhone Controlled LED Light

Say goodbye to the boring act of switching your lights and welcome the new age of lighting your house, where you need just a slight touch at your iPhone or iPad to illuminate your house. Sounds amazing.. Philips Hue is equally convenient for both lighting and your laziness ( only If you’re like me ). Philips Hue is exclusively controlled by your iDevice, allows you to set your favorite colors by just touching on your smartphone. You can set the color of light bulb from wheel of preset colors or by choosing shades from one of your photos. Each bulb can illuminate your house for more than 15 years (estimated life). You can control up to 50 bulbs at a time while keeping distance from your home. The Philips Hue shades can be changed for best reading, sleeping, party and other experiences. Give it a try and let it change your mood.

  • Philips Hue

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