Colin Furze, a British plumber and a popular youtuber, has released videos of his bloody project of real time functioning Wolverine claws. The claws are 12-inch long and made of stainless steel. In the video, he’s wearing a backpack that contains compressed-air cylinder which is connected to the toggle switches in his palm. The thrilling video shows him laughing insanely while screwing and slicing the objects near to him. Even he didn’t spare X-Men villain Mystique and blew her up too. Unlike the real comic Wolverine who pops out the claws between his knuckles, our inventor friend utilizes a pneumatic assembly on his back that allows his lightweight claws automatically deploy and retract smoothly planted on the wrist. For those particular freaks among you who have inspired enough, Furze has shared a how-to clip to help you manufacturing the bloodiest blades. Check out the Video After the Jump!