Unconventionally designed and built to give a ground-breaking acoustic performance, we have the Libratone Live wireless sound system by Danish audio brand. The minimalistic Scandinavian design lets the speakers adapt any place, room, kitchen, living or lounge. Externally covered with fine wool, the coloumn speaker’s internal system features 5-inch bass and 2 mid-range drivers and improved wireless technology to sync with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac or Android devices to give a full 360-deg stereo.

A Libratone specific PlayDirect lets you get rid of a WiFi access point or router while the digital signal processing and amplification aim to soundtrack your digital life. You can also calibrate the output using their dedicated app (both iOS and Android) to optimize the acoustics with respect to wall proximity and floor gap. If you want to feel more convenient, stream your entire hi-def music library wirelessly in the palm of your hand as it also supports AirPlay. Available in creative colors including blueberry black, slate grey, lime green, vanilla beige and blood orange.

Available at libratone.com for $550