iXY Microphones by Røde
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iXY Microphones by Røde

iXY Microphones by Røde is the world’s first 24/96k HD audio recorder for iDevices. No matter where you are and what noises you want to eliminate in recordings. Just hook it up on iPhone or iPad and forget about distortions. It records exactly the same as you hear but in stereo mode. iXY works best for recording music at concerts, audio/acoustic in surroundings, scrutiny purposes or even for eavesdropping as well. A microphone can be as useful as recording low voice interviews or class lectures where you continuously hear indistinct voices otherwise it can be as powerful tool as a HD recording solution if HD cam’s Mic goes down. Listen to some of the audio samples recorded by iXY Mic.

  • iXY Microphones by Røde

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