Glowdeck promises something that will blow your mind away. We’ve been seeing different Smartphone docks, wireless stations, Bluetooth audio and speakerphones, and so on. As a matter of kickstarter fact, this dock is the coolest presentation of all these features in one place, in one deck, the Glowdeck. It features a WiFi-enabled OS that displays everything of your Smartphone with the help of an app. The special feature of LED light system underneath the deck, having 56 multicolor LED light array, lets you get alerted to notifications and events. It also sync with the music and shows a dynamic light show in real time. Of course, for music mania, the Glowdeck has integrated powerful and crispy Bluetooth stereo speakers. A noise-canceling mic for speakerphone and voice commands (messaging, calls) adds more versatility.

You don’t have to make a special frenzy mood about charging your Smartphone for the Glowdeck offers precise wireless charging. Charge any device (Qi-compatible) by simply putting it on the surface of the deck. iPhone and Galaxy can also be wireless charge-enabled with the help of an accessory. The compact and lightweight profile comes in four wood finishes to best fit to everyone’s taste. You better be using it from bed, and soon you’ll be badly addicted.

Available at for $85+