Wearable technology is experiencing a slow but steady rise and manufacturers are constantly coming up with different ideas about how to make it a part of our everyday lives. Some of these wearable designers are focusing on things like smart watches, bracelets and rings, are mainly practical matter, others are again focusing purely on design. From the second category we introduce you ShiftWear – shoes with e-paper display.

The idea of the designer is quite simple – design your own shoes to match you dressing. For this purpose they equip shoe with e-paper display on an unspecified HD resolution. Via a smartphone the user can easily change the theme on shoes. And that’s not all, In addition the user can create their own theme and possibly continue to sell the other shoe ShiftWear owners.

The power source is a rechargeable battery which charges wirelessly when you walk. ShiftWear have Kevlar fiber coated soles and yes these sneakers are waterproof. ShiftWear are available in three type styles starting from $150 at Indiegogo.

ShiftWear e-paper sneakers

ShiftWear e-paper sneakers

Available at indiegogo.com for $150