Budapest-based leather product designing company Pikkpack has create one of its kind shoe which comes as a single sheet. When folded it can fit in your pocket. You get the flat-packed shoes delivered at home and then all you need is fold it and sew up with brightly colored shoelaces. Ofcourse you select the shoeslaces’ design from their innovative online store.

And thanks to the collaboration between Pikkpack’s founder Sara Gulyas and London-based artist Supermundane, aka Rob Lowe, together they have colorful shades and patterns in shoelaces. All pairs created by both master were screen-printed by hands. Pikkpack is now allowing you to get your shoes for $150 with shoelaces of your desire, all packed in Supermundane-designed tote bag. Also on Black Friday they have 50% off on pairs. And one more thing they have footwears for both genders.

Available at for $150