Phorce - The World's First Smart Bag

Phorce – The World’s First Smart Bag

Phorce is the future of bags and it’s an end to all charging docks. This lightweight bag features a smart solution for charging all of smartphones. Turns into a messenger, a backpack or a briefcase without any aggravation, Phorce connects and communicates with smartphone via Bluetooth at all times. It has separate sections for tablets, mobile phones, books and other gadgets. The bag will never get lost because as soon as you go out of its range, you will receive a notification on iPhone that you are no more connected to the bag. Phorce is currently available in two versions, Phorce for USB and Phorce for Mac. Both versions are perfectly the same in wireless technology but one thing that sets them apart from each other is Phorce for USB charges phones, tablets, cameras and lots of other USB-devices whereas, Phorce for Mac is capable of powering up MacBooks. Check out !

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