La Fonction No.1 Briefcase: A Miniature Mobile Cubicle is the first No.1 item of the new brand La Fonction created by the globally renowned agency piKs Design. With the new advancements in the technology the peoples’ privacy is fading. This folded leather shoulder bag is here to reinstate the privacy of the people. It protects the screen from reflections and prying eyes on unfolding and allows the user to concentrate while traveling or working in an open space. The design was inspired by the photographers who would do anything to protect the photographic plates from exposing to any supplementary light. La Fonction No.1 can hold a computer, notebooks, pens, phones, a laptop up to 15inch screen and other necessities with even a hacksaw, maybe. This is an amazing protection case for your laptop, tablets, notebooks and other items as well as best outdoor bags for traveling.

Available at for $1130