A successful actor, a world renowned bodybuilding champion and now the 38th Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his 6 Rules of Success in a commencement speech at University of Southern California after receiving the doctorate. Here are the rules by Dr. Arnold.

1-: Trust Yourself- So many young minds are getting too many advices from others but the best thing is that dig deep down and figure out yourself, what you want to be not what others are asking. Be that what you want to, what makes you happy, ignoring that how crazy it may sound to others. Just trust yourself at every step of your life.


2-: Break the Rules- We have so many rules in life about everything, do that, do this, don’t go there, etc. I say break the damn rules but not the law. It is impractical to follow all of them. Think outside of the box if you want to be different and praised by all. Break some rules and avoid trouble.

3-: Don’t be Afraid to Fail- Don’t be afraid to take the risks. You can’t do everything right without failing in that first. Don’t be scared of risky decision making. You can’t be stuck with the fear of loss. Keep pushing yourself towards your goal. If you know it is the right thing, don’t back down.

4-: Don’t Listen to the Naysayers- You may hear all the time that, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, it is never been done before and so on. Cherish this line when someone says, no one has ever done this before. Take it this way that you could be first one to do it. Pay absolute no attention to these naysayers.

5-: Work Your Butt Off- You don’t want to fail in life just because you didn’t work hard enough. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Take control of what you started and then say, see you on the other side. As Mohammad Ali said, “I don’t count my sit-ups; I only start counting when it starts hurting. Because when I feel pain, that’s one it really counts.” That’s the reason; this phrase is with everything, “no pain, no gain.”

6-: Always Give Something Back- Whatever path you take in life; don’t forget where you came from. Becoming a successful person does not make you good; giving something back to your society, to the country makes you great. The feeling of giving back takes you to the higher levels than before in your life. Then give more back to achieve even greater status.

Prepare yourself, embrace these rules and now go out to the world to achieve greatness.